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Anonymous asked:

Serious question: what is the difference between being sexually attracted to girls who are specifically of Asian descent and fetishization?











Actual answer: Who cares?

Unless it’s kids, don’t waste your time second-guessing what gets you wet.

You’ve got an inalienable right to get turned on. This conversation lowers us both.

What the fuck though. Your “right to get turned on” does not supersede the rights of WoC (and MoC) to not be dehumanized, sexualised and objectified. 


lol a band full of white people has no right to talk about this.

was thinking about giving you guys a listen, but i guess now.

Very convincing argument. Please never listen to us. 

patrick is fucking scum. why the hell do people still support this band? why do people dismiss this dude as “pretty weird and interesting but his band is good” fuck off. asian women are regularly raped and murdered because of the ideas promoted in super fetishized asian porn and such. the assaulters are known to give reasons like “oh this is just what asian women want/this is how they act” based on this weird fucked up porn culture. yet patrick’s right to be turned on is more important than that. fuck off.

I want you as a listener. Mailing you a shirt. 

This is fucking disgusting.  Do you think that as an asian woman, I am okay with my existence making you wet? We aren’t these docile sex objects made to get you off. Do you even know how many times I’ve been to shows where people think its okay to lift up my skirt or grab me?  Do you think that’s something I or other woc want? Do you even realize that by you reiterating these ideas that you are supporting the sexual assault of woc? There are real people telling you that this is offensive and actually dangerous and you’re making jokes. How awful is that.  Just because you don’t think its an issue, because you’ve never experienced it, doesn’t make it a overeaction to write off as casual and non-problematic.

Your reading skills are really poor. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen. Mailing you a record, new fan. 

Basically what you said was that as long as your fetish is not for kids, sexualizing an entire race is just fine.  You also totally belittle the issue by saying “Who cares”.  ”Who cares” about the sexual harassment of woc due to the common conception that its okay to fetishize skin colour and race.   So nah, you all just fail to understand the problem is in what you said. The right thing to do would be to step back analyze the issue and apologize for reinforcing the terrible idea.  You have a following and have the potential to reach out to people on these issues when asked about them in yet you chose to say something totally incorrect and feel like you were in the right cause you have some totally off based fans backing you up. Stop trying to make a joke of issues that actually affect peoples lives in a really hurtful way.

Got your DM. Sending that record/shirt bundle ASAP. 

this is really funny

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