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    Bars Of Gold

Bars Of Gold // The Hustle

My legs were made of wood
You kept the ground real warm
You kept my spirits up
When they were gone
But I’m a half made man
A shelter from the storm
You slow my heart rate down and shelter me from harm
I got that fire inside my soul down to my feet it keeps me going
All through my town and down dirt roads I got that fire inside my soul
Forget your guns and your ammo
We need nails bring your hammers
Girl if you give up they’ll crucify this town
Like a drum in the basement
When that bass and that snare hits
Girl if you give up they’ll sanctify us now
I don’t wanna build temples (you got to)
Like a preacher facing pulpit
Or a group of school kids laughing
In the face of every master clap your hands

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